Studio Sale -  Marcel Damboise

April 8, 2016

Marcel Damboise (1903-1992) 
sculptures & dessins : une collection de famille
Sculptures & drawings: A Familial Collection)
Hôtel Drouot
salle 5, 14h
9 rue Drouot
75009 Paris

auctioneer : Me Vincent Wapler

While during his lifetime, Damboise sold his works to collectors and museums and accepted numerous public commissions, he also gave away many things to those around him. For this sale, we have gathered a selection from among the things he gave to his family. It also affords an occasion to render homage to this authentic artist and to offer connoisseurs a third solo show after those at the Galerie Colline in Oran in 1948 and at the Galerie Malaquais in Paris in 2008.
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